Naval Vessels


NVL Group's objective is to supply high-quality and reliable naval vessels that deliver superior levels of performance throughout their working lives. Drawing on well over a century of shipbuilding expertise and proven in service with navies across the globe, our naval vessels combine sturdy construction with state-of-the-art technology to equip your fleet with the tools it needs to achieve mission success. With a broad portfolio of naval vessels ranging from heavily armed frigates to high-speed interceptors, we can deliver a ship that meets your exact needs. In addition to our range of naval vessels, we also specialise in coast guard vessels. For any questions regarding your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.


NVL Group's shipyards have completed hundreds of vessels for both the German Navy and fleets worldwide. Our skilled workforce unites this deep-rooted experience with the latest shipbuilding tools and technology to construct versatile and reliable naval vessels that can be rapidly deployed to fulfill demanding operational requirements. Using modular design techniques and benefiting from the know-how of the entire German naval shipbuilding sector, we supply advanced and capable naval vessels.

NVL Group's naval vessels are designed to be easy to operate and straightforward to maintain. Durable ships constructed to the latest naval standards can be customised to accommodate a wide range of cutting-edge weapons and sensors according to your operational needs. All are constructed to achieve excellent seakeeping and good manoeuvrability. Other priorities are the incorporation of high levels of survivability and the provision of good standards of accommodation. This ensures your crews are well protected and capable of sustaining optimum levels of efficiency, even during arduous deployments.


Our portfolio of naval vessels is intended to cover a broad spectrum of mission requirements and to cater for all budgets. We build naval vessels equipped to prevail in high-intensity combat operations and also vessels optimised for surveillance and interception duties against low-intensity threats. Whether you need to patrol and protect your EEZ or undertake stabilisation and combat operations away from home waters, we have the answer.

At NVL Group, we pride ourselves in the comprehensive nature of the service we provide. We offer the choice of building your ships in our modern and efficient German yards or working in partnership to expand the capabilities of your own industry through licensed construction under our guidance. Our NVL Services business offers a full range of support solutions, ensuring your ships remain fit to deploy throughout their working lives.

NVL Group builds more than just ships – we build naval solutions.

Your Key Advantages

  • Vessels combine the benefits of lengthy experience and cutting-edge technology
  • Draw on over a century of shipbuilding expertise
  • Flexible designs permit system customisation when required
  • Vessels are trusted to perform by navies at home and abroad